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5 Steps to Get Back on Track

Believe it or not, we are already halfway through the calendar year. Remember those resolutions you set for yourself last December? Well, most people forgot about those only a few weeks into the new year. For those of us still striving towards our goals, it’s a good idea to take stock of how you are doing.

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NewsBrandon M. Downs
What’s Your Conversational Blind Spot?

How do you get better at those crucial conversations at work and at home? Pick your scenario: you have a board meeting to discuss company strategy, a team meeting to complete a project on deadline, a difficult conversation with your spouse, friend or boss. How do these conversations typically go? Well? Or do they end in some version of a fist-fight?  

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Discover The Secret To Change Without Pain

I was doing a youtube weight training video today and I heard the fitness instructor say, 

“Pain = Change” 

It was not the first time I had heard this.  In fact, I have heard it repeatedly when it comes to change, not only about our bodies, but in any area of our lives.

I thought about how this message has become so ingrained in our psyche and how unfair we are being to ourselves by keeping this thinking going. 

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NewsFrancesca Dattilo
Three Tips to Live with a Growth Mindset

What are your beliefs about failure? Do you believe certain things are not meant to be? Do you shrink away from new challenges? Decades of research by Dr. Carol Dweck and her colleagues, gave rise to the terms fixed mindset and growth mindset. These terms were used to describe basic beliefs held by people about their own learning abilities and their level of intelligence. 

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NewsBrandon M. Downs
Dirty Secret Of An Entrepreneur

Do you want to know a secret?

One that I, and many people don’t really want to talk about?

Here it comes…

I fail brilliantly. A lot. Sometimes I think I must suffer from a condition. A form of self abuse where I continue to throw myself into my dreams, wide eyed and optimistic. The truth is, I never know if an idea will materialize into something I define as ‘successful’.  

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How To Reach Beyond Procrastination

Maybe you have some self-doubt or fear creeping in? How do we move past this and become better than we were yesterday?

Recently I had some new challenges, which are never easy to embrace, especially when you are learning and moving outside of your own comfort zone.

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NewsLisa Pitel-Killah