How to Stop Travel from Wreaking Havoc on your Body

Blog post by Lisa Pitel-Killah

We all have our amazing at home routines, but what happens when you have to travel for work.  Some of us travel short distances, some long and many often. So what are some amazing things you can do to make sure you’re still performing at the top of your game, after getting off the airplane....

passengers on a flightTribe image.jpg


Short haul flights that are less than 3 hours, ok the flight is short BUT you still need to pay attention to a few key things:

1.  Stay hydrated – Most airlines keep the cabin at approximately 10-15% humidity  

    which will cause dehydration.  I always make sure to grab a bottle of water before

    I board the plane so I have lots.

2.  Stay away from Caffeine – This will enhance dehydration even further.

3.  Blue light – If you are staying overnight in a hotel, black out the blue light.  Put the

    phone down, use the face cloths to cover any blue or red lights in the room and

    shut off the TV an hour before shut eye.  Maybe you like to read before you go to

    bed, keep it similar to your at home routine, but shutting down the blue light cues

    the body to produce Melatonin.


Long haul flights that are more than 3 hours you are going to want to have some extra tricks up your sleeve, in addition to the rules above:

1. Have a sleep kit – Make sure you pack well and have a sleep kit that includes the

necessities: sleep mask, earplugs, lavender essential oil and noise blocking

headphones. If you are on a super long haul you may want to include some

Melatonin in your kit to enhance sleep.

2. Move around – I love aisle seats when travelling because it gives me the ability to

get up, do some stretches (without bothering people), and get the blood moving.

3. Compression socks – this is my new favourite. I don’t know about you, but when I

am on a plane for more than 3 hours my legs start to swell, but compression

socks make sure this doesn’t happen. If you have not tried this little trick, it is a


4. Travel pillow – Don’t forget your travel pillow, it allows you to have a restful sleep

without needing a Chiropractor as soon as you land.

5. Snacks – Sometimes you might get hungry on the plane so bring some snacks.

Dark chocolate, jerky, bananas, nuts, seeds; all great choices and you can usually

find these inside the airport before you board!

airplane window view tribe.jpg


So the next time you are getting ready to travel, think about all of the things you can pack ahead of time to make your journey a comfortable and successful one.  Whether you are boarding the plane for work, or pleasure, these simple guidelines will let you arrive rested, fuelled and ready to take on what’s next!