Breaking Out Of Captivity

Two things that need to happen before breaking out of captivity.

I have to admit that because I have seen the lion majestic in his natural environment, the jungle where he is king, the elephant uprooting trees with his trunk just to get them out of his way, the bald eagle soaring above in the sky, when I find them in zoo cages it makes me sad. Seeing a tiger performing in the circus looses its entertainment value as I think of the many hours of "training" he has to go through to become obedient

Sadly, it is the same thing with minds. Great minds are locked up in zoo cages by fear, manipulation, economic dependence, domestic abuse and many other reasons.

Companies are looking for problem solvers aka "people who can think outside of the boxes" yet the very company policies/rules are the boxes.

Things like:

  • We have always done it this way.

  • Layers and layers of approvals required before any idea can be tried

In my humble opinion, to break free, a revolution must start in the mind.

  1. The mind has to grow restless, identify and define the cage for what it is.

  2. It has to purpose to break free and only then can it begin the transformation process.

There are some animals that look cute in the petting zoo and can make for a great family outing. But, if you are a lion, tiger, bear, buffalo, bald eagle, break out and do something with your mind! For a mind is a terrible thing to waste.


Susan Namulindwa

Susan is an entrepreneur and management consultant in Environmental science, Industrial manufacturing, Green technologies, organic farming, and sustainable development. Susan has worked with several African Governments, Regional Governments, local Governors, and community leaders across Africa on Environmental, Social License, and Corporate Governance issues. Susan works with and advises several Governments on developing resources and agriculture in a sustainable manner. Susan is actively involved in community development issues and is passionate about women and children wellbeing, empowerment, and rights. Susan holds a BSC. in industrial chemistry and postgraduate certificates in Environmental Science and Renewable energy. She is looking forward to bringing her skills in finding common ground and creating meaningful partnerships to the Tribe team.

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