Dirty Secret Of An Entrepreneur


Do you want to know a secret?

One that I, and many people don’t really want to talk about?

Here it comes…

I fail brilliantly. A lot. Sometimes I think I must suffer from a condition. A form of self abuse where I continue to throw myself into my dreams, wide eyed and optimistic. The truth is, I never know if an idea will materialize into something I define as ‘successful’.  

But there is another truth that is worth noting. I am also brilliant at picking myself up after a perceived failure. It’s a skill I’ve learned over many years. There have only ever been two choices.

Epically fail and get back up OR epically fail, stay down and creatively die.

So what have I learned in my 20 years as entrepreneur who got an PHD in picking myself up?

Anxiety and fear are not my enemy. They can be my ally by motivating me and causing me to think things through. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t make them my best friends but I do allow myself to feel these emotions and process them help lead me to a decision.
The very WORST thing that can happen if something doesn’t work out the way I  expected, is that I learn something. This type of education is invaluable.
I have no chance of success if I don’t try. Risk is the messy byproduct of achievement and I know that moving forward in life requires me to get a bit messy sometimes.
Don’t do everything alone. Get help from people you respect and have learned some things as well. Who better than someone who has also fallen down and gotten back up?

It is my responsibility to step up, be bold, be brave and fail or succeed.  Brilliantly.

If I don’t demonstrate courage to my 5 kids, who will?

What I want you to do…

Go out into the world and be courageous.

Be willing to risk.

Be ok with falling down.

Be ready to learn.

That is what success looks like.

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."

- Winston S. Churchill


Raelene Bergen Harder

Raelene is a Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Business and Personal Leadership Coach and is certified by the Anthony Robbins Cloe Madanes foundation as a Strategic Intervention Coach. For 20 years Raelene has worked diligently with coaches, authors, businesses, and individuals who have decided to make significant changes and are ready to implement real strategies to “get out of their own way” and THRIVE.