Discover The Secret To Change Without Pain

I was doing a youtube weight training video today and I heard the fitness instructor say, 

“Pain = Change” 

It was not the first time I had heard this.  In fact, I have heard it repeatedly when it comes to change, not only about our bodies, but in any area of our lives.

I thought about how this message has become so ingrained in our psyche and how unfair we are being to ourselves by keeping this thinking going. 

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NewsFrancesca Dattilo
Three Tips to Live with a Growth Mindset

What are your beliefs about failure? Do you believe certain things are not meant to be? Do you shrink away from new challenges? Decades of research by Dr. Carol Dweck and her colleagues, gave rise to the terms fixed mindset and growth mindset. These terms were used to describe basic beliefs held by people about their own learning abilities and their level of intelligence. 

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NewsBrandon M. Downs
Dirty Secret Of An Entrepreneur

Do you want to know a secret?

One that I, and many people don’t really want to talk about?

Here it comes…

I fail brilliantly. A lot. Sometimes I think I must suffer from a condition. A form of self abuse where I continue to throw myself into my dreams, wide eyed and optimistic. The truth is, I never know if an idea will materialize into something I define as ‘successful’.  

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How To Reach Beyond Procrastination

Maybe you have some self-doubt or fear creeping in? How do we move past this and become better than we were yesterday?

Recently I had some new challenges, which are never easy to embrace, especially when you are learning and moving outside of your own comfort zone.

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NewsLisa Pitel-Killah
An Antidote To The Fear of Change

Millions of people in all walks of life make well-intentioned resolutions every year, anything from exercising more, weight loss, being more organized, you name it. From simple to complicated, and anything in between, resolutions are proclaimed as the focus of hopeful life change come the new year!

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NewsSusan Namulindwa
Can You Be A Gold Medal Champion?

The start of my journey to competing at the World Championships was not all that long ago, although it seems like a lifetime.  My very first kettlebell competition was in Toronto at the Agatsu meet in April of 2015, I remember it vividly because I had lofty goals and ended up gassing out in 6 minutes (of the 10 minute set) by throwing my 12kg bell at the judge after it slipped out of my hand!!  Thank goodness I wasn’t disqualified….

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NewsLisa Pitel-Killah
Is your Workplace Ready for Innovation?

In the not too distant past (within my Gen X memory anyway!), information was your key source of power. If you had access to or expert knowledge of a subject you could ensure a competitive advantage.

Well, it’s certainly no longer breaking news that today, it’s how you creatively engage or what you do with information, that helps you even just stay afloat in the chaos of today’s economic and technological equivalent of a high-speed rocket launch headed to Mars. Any 8-year-old can pretty well access the same information your organization can, so how do you stay relevant, and hopefully ahead of the game?

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NewsBarbara Odenwald
Why Tribe?

I am set in my ways to a certain extent but there still is plenty of room for growth.   
I know what I’m good at and what I’m not good at.  As I enter the second chapter in my life (into my 40s), I realize that over the years I’ve become very content to drop some of the things that I’m not good at.

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NewsMichael Cho-Chu
When Holding On to Anger Hurts - Taking a Personal Inventory

For many of us, holidays or family gatherings only bring up past hurts and resentments; we may be around people or situations that we’ve tried to avoid, and we now find ourselves faced with unwelcome reminders of the past that cause yet more unwelcome feelings.
What needs to happen for you to let go and heal yourself? The relationship? A small shift in perspective, and taking personal inventory

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NewsRaelene Bergen Harder
Be Your Own Leader First

So what do top executives from dozens of global companies focus on over five intense days as part of Harvard Business School’s executive course? Not improving management skills.  Not assessing leadership styles. No - they focus on leading themselves.

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NewsBarbara Odenwald