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Why Tribe?


At some point, we’ve all felt isolated and alone as we try to build our business, make executive decisions, grapple with life and work challenges, or take action toward a better future.

True leaders know the power of their Tribe

Tribe’s VISION is to be a global, gold-standard platform for leadership development and collaboration -  for coaches, trainers, individuals, business & organizational leaders, teams, volunteers, speakers, and entrepreneurs.


Our Focus


Empowering People To Empower People

We believe that it isn’t enough just to say we help people grow and learn. Or connect people - lots of platforms already offer that. We believe we have a responsibility to boldly go beyond the status quo in helping people reach beyond the best they can be.

Our Purpose is simple

We help individuals and organizations: Find their strengths. Value them. Use them. Grow them. Explore & Build new ones. Because by providing inspiration, support, and expertise, we help empower you to empower others.

We live our Purpose

By Collaborating with Instructors, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals and Academics from around the globe to create online programs, workshops, and resources that help you two critical areas:

Personal Impact

Emotional & Conversational Intelligence, Relationships, Mental Well-Being (Clarity,  Drive, Self-Talk), Accountability, Prioritization, Physical Well-Being (Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep), Sustainable Habit Building

Professional Impact

Thought Leadership, Key Leadership Practices, Critical Skills, Personal & Group Productivity, Strategic Planning & Goal Setting, Managing Change, Fostering Innovation, Building Powerful Teams, Effective Communication.

Tribe offers first-class training, resources, custom-designed programs, and membership opportunities that meet everyone’s needs, regardless of circumstance.


Who Are We?


Tribe Leadership Instructors, Consultants & Coaches have international experience and expertise across a range of industries, using leading-edge research, science, and methodologies.

Our seasoned professionals are here to help…


what matters most to you personally, professionally, or organizationally.


and address the key blind spots preventing you from reaching your goals.  


you with the best tools & strategies to bridge to your desired future


you fully integrate and sustain those new tools and practices so critical to strengthening, designing and executing your vision.


Our Experience


Some of our good folks have worked with some of these fine folks…


Just to name a few.


Our Programs


Develop the Leader in You

Free Programs

Our Instructors and Content Creators are constantly developing tools, programs, and resources. From our vast selection, we offer some for free on a rotating basis, to help you get on your feet.  Some of our free Short Courses are part of a full program, but we make sure they provide you with great value as a stand-alone program.

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Our Workshops are customized to your team or organizational needs.

Topics include:

Effective Decision-Making

Organizational Mission, Vision, Values

Creativity & Innovation for the Workplace

Design a Successful Mentorship & Knowledge-Transfer Program

Effective Change Management Through Appreciative Inquiry

Corporate & Personal Programs

Not sure what you need? While our online programs will be right for some, they might not be the exact fit for you or your organization. We excel at creating customized, innovative solutions and experiences - as unique as you are - to meet your organizational or personal needs.  Let’s work together to design exactly what you’re looking for.


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Connect with Tribe and let’s custom-design a path toward your most powerful vision, whatever that may be:

A better you, a more productive organization or the most innovative leader in your industry.


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