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Why Tribe?


Because we have all found ourselves feeling isolated and alone as we try to build our business, make a big decision, grapple with a challenging work or life situation, or set and meet goals to make our lives better.

Tribe’s mission is to provide training and support to motivated individuals, entrepreneurs, and professionals across all kinds of organizations. We help you to connect, engage and strengthen your habits, skills and knowledge base, and are excited to welcome you into our - YOUR - Tribe, and help you learn what you need to get to the next level. Tribe Leadership is uniquely positioned to offer innovative and impactful training at both individual and corporate levels and we cannot wait to share the next steps with you!

We specialize in personal and professional development for individuals and organizations who refuse to accept mediocrity.

True leaders know the power of their Tribe. Find your Tribe.


Our Focus


We believe that it's not enough to say that we help people grow and learn.

Or that we simply want to connect people - a lot of platforms offer that. Tribe Leadership believes that we have a responsibility to our clients to be intentional, exceptional and innovative - these qualities reflect our truest values and permeate all the work we do.

We focus on two critical areas of growth and development:

Personal Impact

Emotional Intelligence, Conversational Intelligence, Relationships, Mental Well-Being, Focus, Self-Talk, Accountability, Prioritizing, Physical Well-Being, Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep, Sustainable Habit Building.

Professional Impact

Thought Leadership, Key Leadership Practices, Critical Skills, Personal & Group Productivity, Strategic Planning & Goal Setting, Managing Change, Fostering Innovation, Building Powerful Teams, Effective Communication.

Our primary objective is to identify what matters most for our clients personally and professionally. Then we uncover what’s preventing you from getting there, and help you bridge that.


Our Team


Our Leadership Consultants & Coaches have international experience and expertise across a range of industries, using leading-edge research, science, tools and methodologies.

Our seasoned professionals not only assess and address the key blind spots preventing clients from reaching their goals, but also ensure clients fully integrate and sustain those newly acquired tools and practices that are so critical to strengthening, designing and executing their vision over the long-term.

Meet Our Tribe Directors


Our Experience


Some of our good folks have worked with some of these fine folks…

  • Vancouver Olympics Committee

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • Family Channel

  • Air Canada

  • Department of National Defence

  • The Canadian Medical Protective Association

  • Shaw Communications

  • Canadian Armed Forces

  • British Telecom

  • Women’s Entrepreneur Network

  • United Parcel Service (UPS)

  • Fairmont Hotels

  • The Federal Government of Canada

  • Canadian Red Cross

  • Canadian Society for Association Executives

  • The Government of Nunavut

  • ESPN

  • Ottawa Police

  • City of Thunder Bay

  • Canadian Museum for Human Rights

  • Team USA Kettlebell Sport

  • Team Canada Kettlebell Sport

  • Prime Restaurants Inc.

  • Canada Post


Get In Touch


Connect with Tribe and let’s custom-design a path toward your most powerful vision, whatever that may be:

A better you, a more productive organization or the most innovative leader in your industry.


Let us know how we can help.

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