Thank you for considering becoming a Content Contributor with Tribe.


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far go together.”

-African Proverb

Tribe’s content bar is set at the highest quality -- think Huffington Post and Harvard Business Review.   

As an online learning platform, we are about empowering people to empower themselves, and others!  This means providing a space for professionals to share their work on a range of topics and content related to the areas of professional, personal and organizational growth outlined on our website.

To do this, we need content, content, content! Blog posts, video series, white papers, articles, recorded master classes, webinars, courses, etc.  Do you have an existing blog, ebook, videos? Have you been looking for a platform to share your work with others? We want to empower the amazing people we work with, so the more content you provide, the more you can benefit.  

How can contributing to Tribe help you?

Tribe Contributor

At the Contribution Member Level, we will schedule and share your work in its ‘Tribifyed’ format, through our website and social media platforms. We will periodically showcase your work on our homepage and it will become part of our resource library. Your name will remain associated with your work, even if you are no longer a member of Tribe. This will help get your name out and reach a broader audience.

Additional highlighting includes:

  • headshot and bio on our website

  • introducing you as a TRIBE Contributor

  • opportunities to work with our leadership team on future projects

  • members-only pricing on any of our paid products

  • locked-in membership pricing

  • access to our full Resource Library

Fine Print

  1. Tribe Contributors must be a Tribe Contributor Member at a locked in rate of $49 per month. A membership fee is an important factor in marketing all of our contributors. As we know, it doesn’t matter how amazing your content is, if no one can find it.

  2. Content must be YOURS and you must own the copyright. Your name will always be on your work and you will continue to own the copyright.

  3. You consent to let Tribe use it however they choose forever and always, even if you are no longer a Contributing Member at some point.

  4. You will submit, ideally, two blog posts and/or other resource library content per month, but the more the better. We want to promote you!   

  5. All content must be submitted without external links nor sales invitations.  

Note: Tribe is not legally responsible for any content that is similar in theme, tone or nature of other contributors or internal programming. We carefully vet material but have many instructors and some overlap of ideas and content will be inevitable.  

If you are interested in submitting content ideas please  CONTACT us directly with your examples.  If it passes our review process, we look forward to working with you on formatting and ‘Tribifying’ it.  As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to discuss.

*Tribe Instructor Opportunity*

If you are interested, we will also happily work with you to become a Tribe Instructor: to create ‘sellable’ programs that bring you revenues.  While we provide a certain amount of content for free to our market, we also want you to be able to make money.

The opportunities for working together are limitless and can include your own signature programs, joint interviews, shared masterclasses, webinars and more! You do not have to be a certified coach or instructor to build useful courses for people to benefit from. We will help you!